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Motor transportations


Avangard Logistic provides transportation of cargoes using various kinds of motor transports. We guarantee the optimal and safe transportation of your cargo.        

Our possibilities:

  • transportation from any region of Ukraine, Europe and CIS countries;
  • reliable partners in Ukraine and abroad;
  • semi trailers/wagons with capacity from 14 to 120 cubic meters, payload capacity up to 24 tons;
  • special vehicles: thermoses and refrigerator trucks with capacity from 60 to 120 cubic meters;
  • fitting vehicles with mobile communications equipment;
  • any types of cargo and any types of packing: all characteristics, including dangerous, big-volume, and liquid cargoes, standard and non-standard packing;
  • consolidation of cargoes at warehouses in Europe;
  • providing transportation according to the agreed schedule and on urgent request in case of necessity;
  • individual consulting of our clients free of charge;
  • customs formalities and customs clearance;
  • insurance of cargo.

Our advantages:

  • Reliability and Competence, excellent reputation and wide experience at the Ukrainian and European markets for more than 7 years;
  • Universality: delivery of your cargo to any region of Ukraine and to any place in the world;
  • Optimality: our specialists in logistics determine the optimal itinerary and offer the best prices for your freight thus saving your expenses.



Outsized cargo means cargo whose length, width, height or weight exceeds permissible standards for transportation. If your cargo is special please contact Avangard Logistics.

Transportation of outsized cargoes can be considered as a special direction at the market of transportation services because it requires excellent coordination between all the participants of transportation process. Our experienced specialists will deliver your cargo to any place in Ukraine, CIS and Europe most safely and within the shortest possible period. 


Dangerous goods are products which can cause a threat for health, safety, property or for environment. There are certain features in organization of dangerous goods transportation which is more difficult and responsible task than any other kind of transportation. 

Transportation of goods which belong to various classes of danger/hazard is carried out following rules and regulations for proper packaging, fastening and transportation which guarantee safety of your cargo.
Carriers which we use for dangerous goods transportations have all the necessary licenses and permissions for such kind of transportations. 



Transportation by air is the quickest way to deliver your cargo. Regardless of the weight of your cargo which can be from 1 kg or 10 tons, we will make the most expedient offer according to your requirements.

Main advantages of transportation by air:

- promptness of delivery;

- delivery of cargoes to any point of the world;

- high reliability and safety of shipment;

- constant control and complete information about the status of cargo delivery

We can offer complex services for delivery which include insurance and all the customs formalities, consolidation of consignments in warehouses of agents and their further delivery to any point of the world, according to requirements of clients. We guarantee the flexible system of tariffs and personal approach to every our client. You can contact us if you need a consultation regarding the air transportation of your cargo.


Avangard Logistic provides services on transportation by sea. Container transportation by sea is rather popular type of transportation of goods. Their advantages are very reasonable prices and reliability. They are in special demand for small lots of goods shipped for long distances.

Our specialists will give you more detailed information on your request.


Avangard Logistic organizes delivery of cargoes using several types of transportation (motor, air, sea) and provides transhipment and overload from one type of transport to another without participation of the cargo owner.

While combining different types of transport specialists of Avangard Logistic choose the optimum
scheme for delivery of the cargo, which guarantees the minimal charges on transportation and maximal reliability of services.

We adhere to the highest world standards in work with clients. The long-term cooperation with our clients is the best proof of confidence in the company positions at the Ukrainian market of logistical services.  

  By filling in the simple form you can order transportation of your cargo. Our specialists will contact you to finalize the details of your shipment.
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